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Films and Finality

Dossier on the Last Film by Ryan Prout

A dossier on the last film: not to mark, celebrate, or mourn the death of analogue film per se but to consider how a film becomes invested with more meaning, or a different meaning than its makers intended.

[en] Films and Finality
Introduction by Ryan Prout

[en] Coming Out in Stereo City
The GDR and the Eschatology of the Closet. by Ryan Prout

[po] O Mal-Amado
O último filme português vítima da censura fascista by Paulo Cunha

[en] Eva Perón’s Last Film
by Carolina Orloff

[fr] Quand nos yeux ne peuvent plus être grand fermés
L’héritage paradoxal de Kubrick by Benjamin Lesson

[en] Picturing the Last Moments of Life
by Thomas R. Britt

[en] The Last Film John Dillinger Saw
by Joan McGettigan

[ga] El Desenlace
Galicia e globalización no derradeiro Dogma by Óscar Bouzas Iglesias

[en] Game Over
How to Deal with the End of a Soap by Silvia Grassi

[en] The Last Marx Brothers Film
by Matthew Turner