Guide for Submissions

Global Cinema aims to be innovative in style and approach as well as in subject matter. Film reviews should be informative and evaluative, without being dismissive: that is, the reviewer should find some value in the work being reviewed. Reviews should highlight the political effects of the work especially within the context of its production, but furthermore in its relationship to concrete political conditions that are produced and affected by global economies of power, capital, and knowledge.

In addition to reviews, the editors welcome other types of contributions, including:

articles promoting critical scholarship - that is, articles of the sort conventionally found in leading academic journals;
Short theoretical essays or polemical pieces, addressing current issues, topics and debates relevant to cinema and globalization;
Reports on Film festivals, research seminars or conferences relevant to the politics of cinema and globalization;
Book reviews;
Articles that encourage or incorporate new ways of thinking about the interrelationships between theory and practice in the areas of cinema, media, and culture.

The journal regularly publish special issues devoted to a particular movie, theme or topic. Suggestions in this regard are welcome.

When submitting papers/reviews to Global Cinema, authors should include with submitted material a brief biographical note, including e-mail address, birthdate, birthplace, institutional affiliation, a 100-word abstract, and up to 5 key words.

Articles should be written in English, French, Spanish or Italian. They should be between 2000 and 4000 words in length.

The typescript should be carefully checked for errors before it is submitted for publication. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of quotations, and for supplying complete and correct references.

Use quoted materials sparingly and do not include footnotes. Always introduce the quote with the name of the person and title of the work (with publication date) from which it derives. Movie titles should be in bold.

Submission of a manuscript is taken by the Editors to imply that the paper represents original work not previously published and not under consideration for publication, elsewhere; and if accepted for publication that it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of the Editors. It is also assumed that the author will have obtained the necessary permissions to include in the paper copyright material.

Submit your contribution via email as an MS Word file or RTF file to

All views expressed in this journal are those of the authors and not the editors (unless indicated).